Dr. Rian Maercks, has carved out his niche within the
world of plastic surgery. With an innovative outlook
stimulated by his elite international training, Maercks
focused on forging cutting-edge techniques that deliver
the most natural-looking results for his clientele. The Cold-Subfascial
Breast Augmentation, the most natural appearing breast augmentation,
creates soft feminine curves and true upper pole fullness that is
extremely rare in augmented breasts. In response to the trending facial
fillers craze, Dr. Maercks developed the concept of aesthetic facial
balancing. His pioneering technique uses hyaluronic acid injections at
large volumes to create unparalleled lifting results with harmonized
natural appearing beauty.

In addition to the all-important medical aspect of the surgeries, Dr.
Maercks sees his work as an art form. Each patient’s face acts as a portrait
for him to create what he calls “aesthetically balanced beauty.”
He aims to restore the shapes, the space, and also the negative spaces
that affect the aesthetic perception of the face. Dr. Maercks ignores the
standard procedure of only focusing on wrinkles and instead, works on
balancing the entirety of the face. The goal is to produce lasting results
that evoke a more youthful, healthier and happier version of the client’s
own face.

Dr. Maercks describes his patients as an extension of family. “I enjoy
getting to know exactly who my patients are as people and watching
them transform with each intervention,” explains Dr. Maercks. He emphasizes
that each client receives a “ visualized tailored intervention”
where he gives undivided attention to detail for optimal results. Every
client undergoes a bespoke treatment accounting for each individual’s
features ethnicity and sex. Dr. Maercks explains “I balance each patient’s
features to work together in harmony and unlock their individualized

To prove to his clients just how confident he is in his work, Dr. Maercks
posted a YouTube documentary of him working on his own face, injecting
35 milliliters of the hyaluronic acid product Juvederm. Dr. Maercks,
now three years later without touchup, appears a decade younger
than he did years ago. The surprising video reveals an incredible approach
to rewinding the hands of time.

Dr. Maercks is a graduate of the prestigious Duke University Medical
School. His undergraduate training encompassed fine art, aesthetic
perception, psychology, and philosophy stateside and in England, culminating
in a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy. Following comprehensive
training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he completed craniofacial
and aesthetic fellowships with modern masters in Mexico, France,
and Brazil. His strong eye for the arts along with his incredible training
have helped earn him the title of “Miami’s Aesthetic Superlative.”

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