Restylane Fillers in Miami, FL


Average Cost: From $1000

Here at The Maercks Institute, we are proud to offer Restylane to patients that want younger-looking skin free of wrinkles and folds that are common with age. As the world’s most popular dermal filler, Restylane contains stabilized hyaluronic acid that stimulates the skin to create collagen and fill out on its own, giving your face a more voluminous look.

Common facial aging signs that Dr. Maercks treats with this product are:

  • Thin lips
  • Hollow areas mid-face and around the cheekbones and eyes
  • Moderate to severe folds, wrinkles and lines

Dr. Maercks looks at each case differently, and tailors the treatment plan of every patient for optimal results. He is passionate about treating each patient as an individual and creating a treatment plan that works best for your face.

What to Expect

Dr. Maercks will first carefully choose your injection site and clean the area thoroughly. Using a special technique and a fine needle, he then injects the solution below the dermis. Restylane enters the skin and combines with the body’s natural hyaluronic acid and then binds to water. After injection. Dr. Maercks may massage the area to ensure that it is even and smooth. The solution contains lidocaine to minimize discomfort and pain during treatment. In certain cases, Dr. Maercks may use an additional numbing agent.

Those with a known allergy to lidocaine should inform the doctor immediately. Others who are not good candidates include those with:

  • Allergies to gram positive bacteria
  • Some bleeding disorders
  • Bad allergies to certain drugs

Discuss your medical history and allergies with Dr. Maercks before treatment.

After Treatment

Restylane results can last anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on the patient. At that point, the patient’s natural metabolism breaks down the filler and clears it away. Effects can be maintained with touch up treatments with less filler after the initial results fade.

Bruising or redness are common after treatment and the injection site may feel full. An ice pack will reduce swelling and patients should avoid alcohol, exercise, heat and sun for 24 hours after the treatment. Most adverse reactions will fade within 7 days.

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