latisse eyelash growth


Average Cost: From $120

If you want long, lush eyelashes without all the hassle of having them applied every month, come to The Maercks Institute for Latisse. We offer this eyelash growth product made by Allergan Inc. to all of our valued patients. Latisse is made with a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to grow lashes quickly.

Those who suffer from hypotrichosis benefit the most from Latisse. This condition causes sparse, short eyelashes that rarely grow. If you are unhappy with the fullness, color or length of your lashes, you may benefit from this product.

Latisse makes a dramatic change in the appearance of your eyes as it increases the coloration, fullness and length of the lashes. Statistics show that 78% of those who use this product reported a significant change in their lashes. Latisse can only be obtained from a physician as it is a prescription medication, and Dr. Maercks is happy to offer it to his patients.

Latisse Application

Correct application is an important part of successful treatment, and every patient must know the best way to apply the product to achieve the desires results. Dr. Maercks is happy to walk through the basic steps with you and also includes a packet from the product manufacturer to remind you of the best ways to apply.

Step by step instructions include:

  • Removal of all contact lenses and cleansing of the face
  • Applicator is held in a horizontal position and a drop of Latisse is applied to the tip of the applicator
  • Medication is placed on the base of the upper eyelid, starting at the inner eye and moving outward
  • Excess product is blotted and applicator is discarded
  • Application should be repeated each night

Latisse is only intended for use on the eyelashes, and ideal results are obtained when the instructions are followed directly.

What to Expect

After beginning treatment, most users notice a difference after 8-12 weeks. Full results are obvious after 16 weeks of treatment. Lashes are fuller, darker and longer. If treatment is not continued regularly, the lashes return to their original state.

Side effects of Latisse can include skin darkening, dryness and irritation of the eyes, itching and eye redness.

Find out more about this valuable product and schedule a consultation with Dr. Maercks at 305-328-8256.