ClearScan Laser Hair Removal in Miami, FL

Average Cost: From $1,500 – $9,000

Dr. Maercks offers high speed laser hair removal that uses laser energy to target hair follicles and is safe for all skin types. This procedure offers the correct balance between safety and success for all patients. Before laser hair removal, patients should always inform the doctor if tanning products or beds have been used, or skin has been exposed to the sun extensively in the last three weeks. If this is the case, the doctor will adjust your treatment plan to ensure that it is effective and safe.

How ClearScan Works

Hair follicles are targeted and heated with laser energy. This particular treatment is different than others in the fact that many hairs can be targeted at once, making it easier to treat larger areas. A computer guided scanning system is used to automate treatment to further increase the speed and efficiency by which skin is treated.

All types of hair can be removed by ClearScan, and treatment is effective, gentle and safe.

What to Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Maercks will determine if you require a topical anesthetic cream before treatment. During the procedure, a laser light is used to scan the targeted area. Treatment times vary based on the treated area. The skin stays cool with the help of a continuous cooling procedure that keeps you comfortable and safe during treatment. If your skin is more sensitive, Dr. Maercks will apply a topical anesthetic cream.

Your treatment plan is personalized by Dr. Maercks to determine how many treatments are necessary.

After Treatment

Patients may notice slight swelling or redness that will fade after several areas in the treatment area. If any swelling or redness is persistent, we should be contacted immediately. After treatment, the area must be kept clean and sunscreen should always be used when outdoors. Patients should always follow the post-procedure care directions given by the doctor after treatment.

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