Face Surgery in Miami, FL

Here at The Maercks Institute, we are passionate about facial aesthetics. Dr. Maercks has years of experience studying and practicing figurative work and portraiture, while he continues to expand his knowledge through constant training and education. Dr. Maercks takes a unique approach to facial aging, and during a brief consultation with the doctor, you will discover many different approaches to restoring your face to its youthful appearance.

Aesthetic Facial Balancing

Achieve decades of rejuvenation with aesthetic facial blending. Dr. Maercks recreates harmony and beauty with minimal recovery times. Unlock your natural beauty with The Maercks Institute.

Brow Lifts/Endoscopic Brow Lift


Average Cost
From $5,000

Dr. Maercks takes the personal philosophy that a true brow lift is only necessary in men, and women can benefit from a lateral hood lift that doesn’t leave them with a quizzical, questioning expression.

If a true brow lift is necessary, tiny incisions are used to perform an endoscopic procedure.

Chin Surgery


Average Cost
From $4,000

Chin surgery creates proportion in the lower third of the face and chin, and reshapes the chin with either a bone implant or alteration to the existing bone.

Cheek Augmentation


Average Cost
From $1,700-$8,000

Dr. Maercks uses either natural bones and tissues or an implant to increase cheek projection with an injectable filler. This treatment is used for recessed or sunken cheeks.



Average Cost
From $1,600

Treat conditions that exist on the top layers of the skin with dermabrasion. Dr. Maercks creates a refreshed, rejuvenated look by removing the outer layers of the skin.

Ear Pinning Surgery


Average Cost
From $10,000

Dr. Maercks repositions the ears by reshaping ear cartilage to pin the ear back and give it a more natural look.

Eyelid Surgery

Average Cost
From $3,600-$7,800

Restore the natural shape of your eyes with Dr. Maercks. During the procedure, fat from the upper or lower eyelids is removed and tissue is tightened around the eye. Dark circles and bags are also treated.


Average Cost
From $15,000

Restore your natural, youthful appearance with a facelift. Get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin and appear 10 years younger with this procedure.

Fat Grafting


Average Cost
From $12,700

Dr. Maercks uses the body’s own fatty tissue to correct folds and restore the volume of the face. Rejuvenate your face with fat grafting.

Neck Contouring


Average Cost
From $10,500

Get rid of loose skin and excess fat around the neck with neck grafting. Dr. Maercks creates a pronounced jaw line to give you a better looking face.



Average Cost
From $15,000

Improve breathing obstructions and reshape your nose with rhinoplasty with Dr. Maercks. We take all your facial features into account before any changes are made to your nose.


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