dr rian maercksCraniofacial Surgery in Miami, FL

Dr. Maercks has extensive experience working with kids and adults in craniofacial plastic surgery. He spent one year as chief resident of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center after completing his residency at this prestigious school. With his extensive experience, state of the art technology used for procedures, and work with some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world, he is proud to offer craniofacial surgery to his patients.

Here at The Maercks Institute, we use ultrasonic devices for minimally invasive procedures that are more efficient. We offer unique methods of human skeletal transportation and endoscopic Monoblod advancement without the need for immunosuppression. When you choose Dr. Maercks, you can expect a caring, experienced plastic surgeon that will change your life.


Patients with hypertelorism have a larger than normal distance between each eye. In order to correct the condition, Dr. Maercks uses ultrasonic technology and advanced techniques to accelerate recovery and ensure that you are back to normal life quickly. Although procedures may extend over several years, Dr. Maercks is proud of his ability to offer minimally invasive surgical techniques that heal faster and minimize swelling.

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When you require craniofacial surgery or must choose a plastic surgeon for your child, come the expert that is truly invested in your future. Dr. Maercks has the experience, knowledge and access to technology to make a difference in the life of every patient.

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