Collagen Injections in Miami, FL

Many factors affect the skin and create visible signs of aging all over the body. As we age, things like general facial movement and gravity can take a visible toll on the appearance. Lines and wrinkles are common around the eyes and mouth, and injectable collagen can temporarily reduce the appearance to give you a younger looking face.

Typically, collagen is injected into sites that don’t require invasive procedures for treatment. These injections may also be used in tandem with a recontouring procedure or a laser treatment in order to offer optimal results.

Although collagen injections are often successful at treating deep folds in the skin, they may not be effective for vertical lipstick lines in the area around the mouth.

What to Expect

The main risk for patients undergoing collagen injections is an allergic reaction to the medication. In order to avoid this risk, Dr. Maercks will perform an allergy skin test on each patient before the procedure. Any adverse reaction that occurs should be reported to Dr. Maercks before treatment begins.

Typically, an anesthetic is not necessary, as lidocaine is contained in the collagen injection. Dr. Maercks injects collagen at several points along the treatment site. Patients report a minor stinging sensation, but remain comfortable throughout the procedure. The area may be overfilled, as salt water is contained in the injection, and the body will absorb part of the injection.

After the Procedure

Results often vary based on the muscle movement of the patient, and most effects last between 3-6 months. Redness or swelling may occur at the treatment site, but typically fade after several days. This treatment requires no bandaging, and patients are able to return to their daily activities almost immediately.

Collagen injections are perfect for those who want younger, fuller skin but don’t have the time for recovery that is required for more invasive procedures. Although all treatments involve a certain amount of risk, Dr. Maercks is proud of his reputation as a plastic surgeon that is careful and detail-oriented, creating individualized plans for optimal results for every patient.

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