Breast Revision in Miami, FL

Average Cost: From $16,500

Whether breast implants simply don’t fit your body or you want yours replaced with a different material, The Maercks Institute in Miami, FL offers breast revision surgery that improves the way your body looks. Breast revision is often performed on patients that want to change from saline to silicone implants, want a different sized implant, or simply want implants removed.

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When a professional, experienced plastic surgeon performs a breast augmentation, women enjoy bigger, fuller, more natural looking breasts. Unfortunately, not all doctors are up to par, and some women may be in need of breast revision surgery, performed to repair or replace initial breast implants when there is a problem. Women turn to breast augmentation to feel better about the way they look, and when the surgery is botched or the results aren’t what you want to see, we are here to help.

Even if your surgery was performed correctly and professionally, changes may occur that alter the look of the implants and how they function. Changes can be caused by capsular contracture, implant migration, or something as simple as weight loss or gain. Breast feeding and childbirth also play a part in how the implants hold up, or the patient may just be dissatisfied with the results.

We have years of experience with breast revision surgery, and our confident that we can get your look the way you originally planned. Whether changes to your body have left your breasts misshapen and small, or a complication outside of your control ruined the effects of your surgery, come to the Maercks Institute for help. Regardless of why you want your implants repaired or replaced, we are the ones that can do it correctly so you feel great about the way you look.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Revision

Breast revision is a very individualized surgery, and a consultation should be scheduled with a qualified plastic surgeon before any decisions are made about your body. Typically, good candidates for breast revision surgery fit into several of the following situations.

  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome of surgery
  • Psychologically and physically healthy
  • Dissatisfied with original implant shape or size
  • Changes in breast tissue from pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight gain following the initial surgery
  • Breasts that are too far apart, too close together or too low even after breast augmentation
  • Deal with complication like implant deflation, implant rippling, implant rupture, double-bubble deformity, capsular contracture or synmastia

If you fit into any of these categories and want to enjoy the benefits you should have had after your first surgery, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

The Surgery Details

During the surgery, implants may just be removed, or they may be removed and replaced, depending on the patient’s preferences and the doctor’s concerns. When implants are removed, the incision is made either around the nipple or under the breast. It may also be necessary to remove any scar tissue that has developed around the implant during the time it’s been in the body. Drainage tubes are then used to remove any fluid or blood that collects in the implants pockets. The doctor closes the skin with sutures and tightly wraps the chest to encourage the implant pocket to close. Drainage tubes typically come out within one week.

If the implants are removed and replaced, they may be replaced at a later date, requiring two surgeries for breast revision. If a capsule formed around the initial implant must be adjusted, it will either be decreased with sutures or increased with temporary implant sizers. Once the capsule reaches the correct sizes, the actual implants can be placed, and incisions are closed with sutures.

Possible Complications

All surgery comes with some type of inherent risk, and the benefits should always outweigh the possible costs before you make a decision to have a procedure done. Your plastic surgeon can discuss the risks and possible complications with you to determine if surgery is worth it. Possible risks associated with breast revision surgery include:

  • Blood accumulations
  • Changes in breast or nipple sensation
  • Implant deflation
  • Capsular contracture
  • Bad reaction to anesthesia

While the risks of complications are very low for a breast revision surgery, it’s important that every patient approach the procedure with realistic expectations and goals. Following your doctor’s instructions and keeping up on your post-op care can also decrease your risks of any problems after surgery.

Recovery After Breast Revision Surgery

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but typically lasts longer than the recovery period of the original breast augmentation. Plan to be away from regular commitments for at least 7-10 days, and avoid strenuous exercise for at least two weeks after surgery. Do not immerse breasts in pool, spa or tub for at least four weeks after the procedure.

Patients should expect swelling and discoloration, but these should resolve themselves within a month of surgery. Most stiches will dissolve on their own, and those that won’t will typically be removed about 7 days after your surgery.

The Results

Any concerns or problems you had with your original implants should be corrected after a breast revision surgery. You should notice the results immediately and they will get better as the swelling subsides and goes away. Although breast revision surgery in Miami is a great way to ensure that you have firmer, fuller looking breasts, it’s important to keep expectations realistic and realize that aging still occurs after surgery.

Over time, the skin may sag and change the shape and size of the breast. Weight gain or loss can also affect how the breasts look and feel. The weight of your implant can also have an effect on how the breasts appear over time, and this should be considered when choosing your implant size with your doctor. Even with these concerns, breast revision surgery is considered long-term and long-lasting, meaning you can enjoy your breasts for decades.

Following your doctor’s orders and attending all your post-op appointments is huge part of getting the results you want. Here at the Maercks Institute, we are committed to maximizing your results, and your treatment and follow-up plan will always reflect our desire to help you look the best you possible can.

Cost of Breast Revision

As with every aspect of cosmetic procedures, the final cost of your procedure depends much on your individual situation. Insurance will only pay for cosmetic surgery if the condition prevents some type of function, and it’s always a good idea to speak with your insurance company before scheduling a procedure. Any costs not covered by your insurance company are the responsibility of the patient.

The cost of a breast revision surgery in Miami can range anywhere from $3,000-$6,000 depending on the patient. If your surgery requires additional procedures or materials, the cost may go up from there. The most important part of your surgery is that you choose a qualified plastic surgeon that can handle any complications that come along. While cost is part of the bottom line, the focus is on your care and well-being, particularly after the first surgery didn’t go your way.

Help for Capsular Contracture

When extremely large implants are placed, one of the biggest concerns and complications is capsular contracture. This is excessive sagging or stretching of the skin that causes the implants to fall to the side of the body. As plastic surgeons have worked to correct these problems over time, they have used various materials in order to do so in the best ways. These materials bring their own risks and side effects, and recently a new substance has been introduced to the market. This material is a mesh made of purified silk, and is used to help correct implant complications. The material is also used to reinforce tissue during breast reconstruction.

This strong, biodegradable mesh is used to provide support and strengthen weakened tissue in the breast. This is particularly applicable in situations where the skin has been stretched excessively due to extremely large implants.

This material can also be used to correct rippling in previous breast augementation and as a support during breast revision surgery. Potential use include the total resolving of capsular contracture, and it may eventually prevent bottoming out of implants. This material eventually becomes part of the body over 1-2 years. Collagen grows into it and it is re-absorbed as the body adjusts to the implants. Once the material is absorbed, the area is twice as strong as it would be on its own.  Discuss with your doctor how this valuable material may change the world of capsular contracture and breast implants.

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When you choose to have a breast augmentation, the disappointment you feel when you don’t get the results you want is overwhelming. Regardless of the reasons why your surgery didn’t turn out how you hoped it would, we are here to help and reverse the process. We are a world class facility with state of the art technology and experienced professionals that know how to keep you comfortable and ensure that you are happy with the results.

We can schedule your surgery after your initial consultation and determine exactly how much your procedure will cost and what type of recover you can expect. The details of every procedure depend on the patient, and after a meeting with a plastic surgeon, you will know just what to prepare for. We believe you should take pride in the way you look, and breast augmentation or revision is a big part of maintaining your self-confidence and self-esteem. Call us today for a consultation.

Dr. Maercks is here to offer a qualified, educated opinion about what is best for your body. Call us today at 305-328-8256 to learn more.

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