Body Procedures

When you’ve shed those extra pounds and are finally at your ideal weight, it may be time to remove all the extra skin that is loose on the body. The Maercks Institute offers surgery to deal with irregular skin contour on the upper arms, buttocks, thighs, groin, abdominals area, jowls and neck and the face. While exercise and a healthy diet can help you lose the weight, we can help you correct the parts of your body that are out of your control.

Body Contouring


Average Cost
From $8,500

Ideal procedure for those who can maintain a stable weight but want to remove excess skin on the hips, abdomen, buttocks, or the inner and outer thighs. A body lift is also referred to as a belt lipectomy.

Buttock Lift or Augmentation


Average Cost
From $12,500

Whether you want a different shape, have suffered an injury to the buttock area, or want to remove excess skin that hangs after weights loss, we can enhance the projection and the shape of the buttock area with cosmetic surgery.

Calf Implants


Average Cost
From $12,500

Enhance the shape of your lower legs with a calf implant or augmentation. This procedure is often used for those with a shrunken lower leg, or for cosmetic purposes.



Average Cost
From $12,500

Restore your youthful feminine beauty with our MACIE technique for labiaplasty. Dr. Maercks is passionate about safety and educating patients about labiaplasty.



Average Cost
From $12,700-$15,000

Performed with no incision and no suturing in order to ensure that patients have no pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal tightening also enhances the G-spot.



Average Cost
From $5,500

Performed ideally in those that follow a strict exercise plan and eat healthy, but can’t get rid of fatty deposits in particular areas on the body. Liposuction is used to slim certain areas of the body.

Pectoral Implants


Average Cost
From $10,000

Enhance the contour and shape of your chest even if lifting weights simply doesn’t do it for you with pectoral implants from The Maercks Institute.



Average Cost
From $2,000

Treat unattractive, damaged veins with sclerotherapy. During the procedure, Dr. Maercks inserts a solution that causes it to completely collapse and disappear.

Thigh Lift


Average Cost
From $12,000

When your body weight is stable and you are dedicated to improving the contour, a thigh lift can remove excess skin and fat from the area.

Tummy Tuck


Average Cost
From $15,000

Get rid of excess fat and skin around the middle area with a tummy tuck.

Upper Arm Lift


Average Cost
From $8,500

Removes excess tissue and skin from the upper arm area, and is commonly performed after the patient has had a significant fluctuation in weight.

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